Shops that sell Models in and around Zurich:

Every once in a while a mail arrives saying something like:

I'll be travelling to Zurich in a few days,
can you please give me the addresses
of a few good modelling-shops"

Sadly modelling shops are rare in Switzerland
and as a rule do not stock anything you couldn't get
elsewhere (in Europe).
Of course you can buy model kits in the toy-departments of stores,
or some toy-shops 
or sometimes stationery-shops
- but the selection is usually limited.

Notable exceptions:

Stampfenbachstr. 14 
8001 Zürich

mainly model-railways
but reasonable selection
of plasticmodelkits

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Breitistr. 12 
5610 Wohlen AG

good selection of
plastic modelkits

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Schaffhauserstrasse 76
8152 Glattbrugg

good selection of
plastic modelkits

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